Hispanic girl studying at deskAccording to statistics, 43% of adults have problems with health due to stress, because stress often can lead to headaches, high blood pressure,  anxiety, heart problems and even depression. Students are the biggest part of people suffering from stress and its effects. The risk of stress receiving by students increases in December, April and May, because this is the time of examinations and tests.
Of course, exams are always accompanied by stress. But unfortunately, this is not the only problem because of which students get into stress situation. The most common problem for all students is a lack of time and at the same time, a large number of writing works.

Students Have the Right to Have Personal Life

150305mixedrace-studying-stockAre you still asking yourself why so many people suffer from stress? Do you know that a lot of students nowadays have to combine study with work, with virtually no free time due to a busy schedule? Now imagine that the student still has to write an essay for example, or research paper and or some study in addition to his or her work.

For example, we will tell you about Bella a fourth-year student at the Finance Department. Bella knows that she has to work in the field related to her specialty to find a good job after graduation. She also should participate in volunteer projects for a better resume. Remember that Bella is a full-time student at the university. She doesn’t have time for hobbies. She also attends a class in Philosophy as she has to take a course outside her specialization this year.

In addition to four final exams in December Bella must also submit five assignments by the end of the semester. Since four works were in her specialty Bella decided to work on them herself. The fifth assignment was in Philosophy but Bella had not enough time to do it. But this work can affect her GPA so she couldn’t fail it.

Knowing that the essay downloaded from the Internet can be plagiarised and she can’t submit such work, Bella is looking for a site of the essay writing company.

Overview of Essay Writing Services

Bella realised that applying to the Agency and paying for the services of essay writing will be the only way to get a well-written essay without wasting her time and energy. There are many companies that can provide such services and you can find these services without difficulties. But there is a risk to contact with scammers.

We want to give you an overview of the most reliable companies that can help you with the solution of the academic writing problems.  And we hope that we can help you make the right choice of secure company.



  • General review of a company

Since 1997 and during almost two decades British company SuperiorPapers.com has a good reputation in providing essay writing services. They perform outstanding works due to their experiences and attract customers due to their extensive network.

During two decades of their work, they have built a large and strong network as well as connections with professionals in different industries. That’s why like other companies from our list SuperiorPaper is the company that have experienced staff who can cope with the task at any level and on any subject, even if it seems that no one will be able to cope with your task.

Their most popular offers include:

  • Different Essays;
  • Courseworks on any subject;
  • Research and Term Papers;
  • Application Papers
  • Editing work;
  • Articles
  • Thesis and Dissertations.

Here are the most popular orders of regular customers. In addition to these services, SuperiorPapers Company can offer many other services. For example, those who are just starting their career can order a good resume and cover letter.

  • Prices

When choosing a website to buy essays online we always pay attention to the prices of the company. Pricing policies of such sites are very different. Some sites are very expensive due to their exclusive work, but there are also more affordable prices.

Of course, SuperiorPapers can’t boast the lowest prices but they promise that the quality of services will compensate the cost because they are the best in their field. The price depends on the complexity, quality and timing of writing an essay. Let’s look at a few options:

  • Standard Quality: US $ 19.99 (10 days deadline), US $ 22.99 (4 days deadline), and US $ 38.99 (24 hours deadline). Suitable for college or high school works that do not require any special knowledge and additional research.
  • Premium Quality: from US $ 21.99 (10 days deadline) to US $ 24.99 (4 days deadline) and US $40.99 (24 hours deadline). Designed for undergraduate and graduate works that require complex research and analysis. These works are written by authors with MA and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Platinum Quality: US $ 24.99 (10 days deadline) US $ 28.99 (4 days deadline), and US $ 45.99 (24 hours deadline). This option is designed for undergraduate and graduate works that require additional research and experience. Platinum Quality works will be written by top writer and also edited by one of a Quality Assurance specialist.

The ability to obtain a $ 20 discount on your first order is an advantage of the company. This allows you to check the quality of the work and save your money.


essay click

  • General review of a company

EssayClick is a US-based service. The main objective of the company is to help customers to solve their problems giving them more opportunities and time for personal life. EssayClick is positioning itself as an all-in-one solution for students from around the world who have problems with writing assignments. The company guarantees you a work of a high quality of good English native writers that meet deadlines. Writing an essay includes:

  • Always following instructions of the customers to deliver perfectly made, unique work;
  • Writing a good introduction and a good conclusion of the essay;
  • Finding strong arguments in support of the thesis;
  • Working on interesting and relevant themes;
  • Conducting individual and thorough research to create high-quality content of the essay;
  • Ensuring reliable scientific sources.

In addition to the essay writing, this company can also offer many other services such as writing theses and case studies, books reports and annotated bibliographies, and many other popular services in writing.

So from reviews and from personal experience, we can say that quality of services of this company is perfect it can be described as one of the most popular companies today. We must say that the services of this company are at a high level. But no matter how skilled a writer is, the customer may not always be fully satisfied with the result, and in such cases, the company is ready to revise and correct the work in the right direction for free. It is very important to work properly with each client for improvement of company’s service.

  • Prices

In this company’s prices for services depend on the level of research that is ordered. Price for high school works will be cheaper than for graduate works. Works which require additional studies and expertise will be of course more expensive. Consider the options for a work of a college student:

  • Work with 10 days deadline will cost the US $ 14.00 for one page;
  • Work with 8 days deadline will cost  the US $ 15.00 for one page;
  • Work with 5 days deadline will cost the US $ 17.50 per page;
  • 3 days deadline will make the price the US $ 19.00 per page;
  • Work with 1-day deadline will cost the US $ 26.00 for one page.

The prices of the company are lower than the prices in SuperiorPapers.com. But we still want to advise you to make your orders in advance, as this will help to save money and avoid problems.



  • General review of a company

The main aim of this American company is to become indispensable and one the only company for the customers. It is great that the company understands the importance of the quality of their work so the client could entrust a scientific work without worrying that the company carry out the work efficiently and within the allotted time and he will get good grades. The company successfully cooperates with more than 300 experts from different fields on a regular basis. So the company is able to make a good impression and become the number one for every client.

If you want to order a dissertation or other work at the Pro-Essay-Writer, you can entrust this work without hesitating to talented writers, editors and proofreaders who have access to the best big libraries and who will perform your job at the high professional level using modern scientific data. Editors and proofreaders play an important role in the final stage since they have the ability to make the job a unique and unrepeatable so all the best writers in the company’s work with experienced editors and proofreaders. If you don’t need writing assistance but you want to edit your work, the company will be happy to help you in it too.

  • Prices

Due to the vast number of customers the company offers quite reasonable prices for their services at about the same level as the previous company we talked about. Despite the fact that professional staff of this company deserves a high level of wages, students have the ability not to pay all their savings for the services of this company. The prices of the company are the next:

  • High School Level: 10 days deadline- US $ 11.50; 8 days deadline – US $ 12.50; 5 days deadline – US $ 15.00; 3 days deadline – US $ 16.50; 24 hours deadline – US $ 20.50.

We advise you to contact the company in advance to have time to make changes.  Then you will be able to get a finished work of a good quality within the specified time. Prices of the company are quite affordable.

  • College Level: 10 days deadline – US $ 14.00; 8 days deadline – US $ 15.00; 5 days deadline – US $ 17.50; 3 days deadline – US $ 19.00; 24 hours deadline – US $ 23.00.

You can find similarities in the prices of this company and the previous one.  They try to keep prices at a stable level and give students an ability to order their services.

  • University Level: 10 days deadline – US $ 16.50; 8 days deadline – US $ 17.50; 5 days deadline – US $ 20.00; 3 days deadline – US $ 21.50; 24 hours deadline – US $ 26.00.

These levels are the most popular and due to the fact that Masters and Doctors of Philosophy works always require special research and knowledge prices for them are higher. The price for such works can reach the US $ 30, depending on the customer’s needs.



  • General review of a company

Visiting the site Bestessays.com with excellent and elegant design brings you to a company that clearly knows how to attract the customer. This company is another veteran among similar services.

Very often, we can’t calculate the time and leave an important task until the last moment, in this case, the company Bestessays ready to take this difficult task, and perform the work, even for three hours. This rapid response and high-quality performing of works are a very important benefit of the company. There is also a 15% discount for the first order of the customer. As the first company we talked about (SuperiorPapers) Bestessays.com team also gives the customer the opportunity to try and check the quality of services without spending much money.

We believe that the best indicator of the success of the company is a large number of orders every day. More than 600 experts in this company help students in writing and perform around 375 orders daily. We can confidently say that the company is a real giant.

  • Prices

Like the first company in our list Bestessays also offers pricing system that includes Standard, Premium, and Platinum quality. Let’s look specifically at it:

  • Standard Quality: US $ 21.99 – for a 10 days deadline. However, standard orders are not a priority of the company you will receive the best quality but not many benefits.
  • Premium Quality: US $ 23.99 – for one page. The company claims that this is the most popular choice because orders of a Premium Quality are written by one of the 10 best experts in your field.
  • Platinum Quality: US $ 26.99 – for one page. With this level of quality your work will be written by one of the best writers with a Ph.D. degree and after that, it will be edited by one of the Quality Assurance experts.

You can see that this is the most expensive company in our review. But there is a guarantee that you will be paid as much attention as you can imagine. They also can make you a good discount which varies from 5% to 15 % depending on the number of pages that you order.


essay dragon

  • General review of a company

A group of students had developed this site after they saw their friends who had to spend a lot of time for numerous writing works, sacrificing their personal lives. Developers react to the task very seriously and tried to make the writing process easier and more enjoyable. The company can perform many different tasks, such as laboratory reports, review articles, book reports, case studies, dissertations, and other types of different writing assignments. You will be able to communicate with a writer who will perform your work. And you will be able to see the intermediate result of your order and make adjustments if they are necessary. EssayDragon is one of the leaders of our list.

  • Prices

The prices of the company are at an average level. You should pay:

  • the US $11,50 per page – for a high school project. It would be better if the order will be made in advance;
  • the US $14 per page – for a  college writing assignment;
  • the US $ 16.50 per page – for a university work. It would be better to make an order in advance.
  • the US $ 19 per page – for a  Master’s thesis;
  • the US $ 23 per page – for a Ph.D. dissertation.



  • General review of a company

WriteMyPaper4Me is a company that positions itself as a highly motivated company. The company believes that the quality of their works is at the highest level.  And it’s true. Writers who are hired by this company should have a good education and experience in different sectors. Every employee has to go through several complex tests to assess the level of his/her skills. So, you cannot doubt in the reliability and professionalism of writers in this company.

At the same time, this company can save you money (up to$ 60) if you make a complex order. Look at the list of free features that they offer:

  • Free heading and content pages;
  • Free plan of the paper;
  • Free and fast delivery;
  • Free changes and additions to the work;
  • Free multiple revisions if they are needed;
  • Free thesis and dissertation project;
  • Free references;
  • Free editing of the work and proofreading by a specialist.

In our opinion, all companies must include editing and proofreading into their services as the company WriteMyPaper4Me does.

  • Prices

WriteMyPaper4Me offers affordable prices for their services. The writing assignment performed for the college will cost from the US $ 14 to the US $ 23 per page. In this case, the price will vary depending on the urgency of the task. The cost of assignment for the undergraduate student will vary from the US $ 16 to the US $ 20. The work can be submitted even on the next day. WriteMyPaper4Me simplifies all things. You can go to their website and there you will find a calculator so you will be able to calculate the cost of your order easily. That will help you to make a right choice.

Nerdy Mates

nerdimatesThere are so many essay writing services that are trying to do their best. But not all of them know what dedication and hard work mean for real. Among all those services with reasonable prices and so-called high quality, Nerdy Mates has few great advantages.

  • Services

First of all, students all over the world choose Nerdy Mates because of the high quality and a long list of services this website offers. The writers here work day and night, as well as the support team. And when you order a paper or its editing you can be sure there is a professional for it. While all services on the Main Page are divided into three main points, the entire system offers:

  • Essay of any type
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Coursework
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Book or movie report
  • Abstract
  • Outline
  • PowerPoint presentation

Another great thing about this company is its specific attitude to every single order. Nerdy Mates is a team of writers that are topic specialists. It means that your Math paper will be done by a writer with a degree in Mathematics.

  • Prices

Another important subject is the price list. You can calculate the price for your order automatically by choosing certain chapters on the Main Page. Choose your subject, degree, number of pages, and deadline. The same points are necessary for the order form. The earlier you order, the lower price you get. Also, are always some sweet discounts for customers so you can save your money.

  • Other features

Additional NerdyMAtes.com features include:

  • 100% privacy
  • Writers with MA and PhD degrees
  • Fast delivery
  • Free revisions
  • Plagiarism check
  • Personal writer for every order
  • Money back guarantee
  • A wide discount system with various options
  • All types of formatting
  • Contact with the writer
  • Customer support and web site convenience

If you’re going to read some testimonials about the service, you’ll find lots of positive ones. And another great advantage many customers are excited about is the support. Nerdy Mates customer support department works 24/7 and always ready to help. The support team is easy to reach with the help of different communication channels.

  • Conclusion

So Nerdy Mates are very handy when you need assistance with your papers and pass with better grades in the shortest terms. The price also plays a great role in the whole case. If you need something reliable and reasonable at the same time, this website is worth trying for sure.

Well, we have described everything that we know about these well-known companies so now you can choose the best one and get the high-quality service.